20 Best Companies to Work For

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Whether you work abroad or in your city, you have to get satisfaction. Employees require job security, a good salary package, awesome smooth management, and an excellent chance to escalate. Therefore, before joining any public sector, multinational company, or even a small size local agency, you need to match your profile. It must keep you pleased with the interest in working in future. Glassdoor prepared a list of the 100 best companies to work for which can change one’s lifestyle giving freedom to work without having extra tension. Fortune is another data analytical research centre that has given names of the 25 best companies which provide security to employees. Experts have now shortlisted a total of 20 best companies to work for which upgrade the financial status of workers.

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Hubspot, a brand computer hardware and software company, is based in Massachusetts. Brian Halligan acts as a CEO to represent the company. The working environment is extremely cool and suitable for talented employees. Here, a software engineer earns around $ 125800 per annum. It is one of the best companies to work for. Employees seem to bring their stored energy to utilize at the workstation for the rapid growth of the company’s economy. Everyone is self-reliant with a bright future. It earns a 4.6 rating and it has got a good ranking in Glassdoor’s list of top companies. Employees are happy to have 16 weeks of family leave for a primary caregiver with 6 weeks for a secondary caregiver. Besides, there are attractive incentives and emoluments for permanent working staff members.

Bain & Company

Bain & Company is always leading with top position in the ranking list published by Glassdoor. Other two international companies such as Apple and Google come forward sharing the niche with this company in the annual list of best companies. Manny Maceda is the popular CEO of this company. This is a consulting service provider with its headquarters in Boston. On an average basis, a top permanent consultant gets $ 184,033 every year. Workers have an awesome positive ambience to do their jobs. The management listens to the demand of workers to troubleshoot the problems.


DocuSign succeeds Bain & Company having the third rank in Glassdoor’s ranking list. It provides qualitative technical backup to computer repair (both hardware and software). This US-based company removes gender bias giving full-scale support to female employees. Daniel Springer is a top CEO to handle the company forcing the way through a lot of hurdles. The average pay package is $ 65,079. The company’s balanced administration with a supportive role to help workers work comfortably attracts Glassdoor representatives.

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger company runs its food supply business in Irvine. It is a restaurant that welcomes elite customers in California to hobnob at this luxurious kiosk. All employees are energetic without feeling inferior. An employee has the chance of earning $ 13 per hour. So, after working 8 hours, one can take approximately $ 108 home by the end of the day. The working schedule is not tough for a worker. The escalation system is smooth assisting workers to improve financial condition fast.

Sammons Financial Group

Sammons Financial Group is visible in the insurance sector. This company’s main office is located in West Des Moines, Iowa. Esfand Dinshaw, CEO of this insurance carrier, takes care of all his employees. The environment inside the company is praiseworthy and up to the mark. Annually, the business director gets a heavy pay package amounting to $ 123,004 per year. Work for the company and expect faster growth in your lifestyle. It is one of the best companies to work for.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

With the inception of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California, the company started flourishing for development. Employees are proud of working with management. Bill Goldstein is the honourable CEO to lead this brand company. $ 157,353 is the average annual pay package for a computer scientist. This reputed company has powerful management and employees keep in touch with superiors to solve any issue. The wellness and health management program boost up workers to have solid confidence to work for the company.

Intuitive Surgical

Intuitive Surgical is the manufacturer of health management products. The CEO of this company is Gary S. Guthart. Uniformity among the employees creates a resilient place for the management to move faster. A mechanical engineer gets $ 117,412 per year. The benefit of the employees is to work in a professional ambience. Workers enjoy vacation and family leave.

Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software is located in Weston of Florida. Scott Scherr and Adam Rogers control the management as the CEO. The homely ambience is suitable for workers to serve dynamically.


VIPKid has its workstation in San Francisco, California. Cindy Mi manages everything as a top CEO. The leadership quality of this chief executive officer is remarkable. The product of the company is the K12 education system. Here a teacher earns at least $ 20 per hour. The flexible work schedule inspires employees to continue working in this institute.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines company has established its headquarters in Dallas Texas. The relationship with the management is so sweet that workers do not need to leave the company under pressure. Here, a ramp agent works for a $ 13 hourly basis. Gary C Kelly, the CEO, negotiates with the workers if there is any complicated matter to settle. It reinforces solidarity and integrity.


Lululemon Athletica is the world-famous retailer of athletic wear and accessories. Its headquarters is in Vancouver. Calvin Macdonald is a renowned CEO. The working atmosphere is nice and lovely.


Facebook is a brand social media site that has a huge number of fans to join the groups online. Mark Zuckerberg is now the respected CEO. Better working culture and job security impress employees. Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer, was lucky to earn more than $ 27.14 million as the total compensation in 2019. Glassdoor has selected it as the best companies to work for.

Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group operates its business in Boston MA. Its consultants are talented and experienced to provide the best business strategies. Its annual revenue is $ 5 to $ 10 million (USD). The average pay package of a consultant is 182,575 / yr It is the best working place for smart gentlemen and high profile top brass.


Linkedin is a US-based online network to manage business and employment. It promotes your profile on the internet to get reliable connections with the top companies, and entrepreneurs. Ryan Roslansky is the great CEO of this company. It protects employees by offering awesome financial pay packages. Fedscope data center recommended it as the best companies to work for.


Stryker Corporation is a medical technology company with its main headquarters in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Kevin A Lobo, the CEO, has awe-inspiring leadership quality. 40000 employees work here for accelerating financial development. The net income is US $ 1,020 billion (2017 report). It emerges as one of the best companies to work for.


Knowbe4 is a top-notch company and it offers qualitative security training to IT personnel. To optimize your expertise in ransomware, phishing, and social engineering, you must contact Knowbe4 consultants. The headquarters of this company is in Florida.


Salesforce is a global Cloud-based software company that has its razor-sharp presence in enterprise software, and customer relationship management. In 2020, its net revenue recorded is the US $ 17.1 billion. The net income is the US $ 126 million for 2020. The total number of employees is 49,000.

Call Central

Ring Central is a cloud-based communication company. Vlad Shmunis is a high caliber CEO of this brand corporate company. It provides the best platform for employees to design a solid future. This company provides lucrative emoluments and compensation packages. Its rank is good to possess a superb position in the hierarchy of best companies to work for.

Emanate Health Medical Center

Emanate Health Medical Center provides the best healthcare service to people in America. The geographic location of its headquarters is based in Covina. Management is dynamic and lenient for the benefits of workable staff members.

Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar is a fast and growing solar energy service provider. It is a reliable solar energy company in America. Ben Peterson is known as the amicable CEO. It values ​​the talent of competent employees. Glassdoor has given 4.4 after assessing its goodwill, job security and working environment. It ranks 20th on Glassdoor’s official ranking list of best companies to work for.

best companies to work for

The Last Word

Hope this article has fulfilled your search query for picking up the best one. With an optimistic view, we can hope in this pandemic situation, all these 20 best companies will recruit more new employees to wipe out the signs of recession in employment. In the IT and financial sectors, employees will experience a breakthrough in having high-paid jobs with a lot of facilities.


How Do You Get Data to Have Information about Top Places to Work for?

Office of Personnel Management group curates the data relating to the company ranking. It conducts Federal Employees View Point Survey. Besides, researchers like to complete interviews talking to employees and various workers’ organizations. Glassdoor and Fortune are also nice organizations for releasing the list of top workplaces for employees to choose from.

How to Define Large, Mid and Small Agencies in Ranking?

The large size agencies have 15000 employees whereas the mid-size agency having 14999 approximately. In the category of the small agency ranking, the number of employees is 100 or a little bit more than 1000.

When Are Best Places to Work List Published in the US?

The list for best workplaces to work hits the media after Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.