Top 10 New Inventions That Make Your Life Easier

10. april / Sudip Mazumdar Entrepreneur

Humans have to play with different adverse situations which are often horrible and life-threatening. Therefore, from the Gothic period, intelligent people had to craft new devices for safeguards. This is not a tradition but it is very much urgent for a man to invent a lot of new things to remove obstacles for easy survival in this world. The top 10 new inventions must be matchless and user-friendly. This wonderful new invention can give you life security and safety. The civilization of humans accepts this innovation for the sustainable growth of society in the future.


Smart Battery Powered Toothbrush

When you leave your bed in the morning, you should go to the bathroom for tooth care. If your tooth has layers of yellow flakes and stains, it creates infections to affect oral health. Busy people need smart toothbrushes which are self-propelled without requiring your hands to detoxify the mouth removing the bad elements from the teeth. It is a new invention for the young generation. This is a great body care device for anyone who wants faster teeth whitening and cleansing. It has a flexible retractable head that rotates automatically. The small reservoir of this toothbrush stores toothpaste liquid to squirt into the mouth for excellent tooth care. It reduces the bad odour and germs.

Robotic Falcons

In this 21st century, man and technology are married to beautify the universe. People are rational beings who are the designers of the latest smart toolkits to solve mysterious problems in twinkling of an eye. Robotic falcons, a new invention, are automated creatures that can fly like birds. These excellent flying objects rescue the crowded airports from the real birds. When the airbus takes off or touches the ground, it can meet with an accident due to the encounter. Birds enter into the engines of the aeroplanes. It is a common matter right now. For this reason, airport authorities have installed robotic falcons which hanker after real ones for dispersion. It can skyrocket higher to trap the original Philomel or hawks. The electromagnetic field of the smart falcon electrifies the flying birds in the sky.

Albert Clock

Your small kids are afraid of doing calculations and math works. Albert clock, certainly a new invention, is a special timepiece which gives the timing differently. It shows hours and minutes in a framework of math calculation using + and – signs. For example, it calculates 11: 45 using the simple formula (9+2=50 -5). It is a little bit interesting for a student who likes to count the time strategically.


At the time of riding your street hawk in the street, you may face the darkened passage. The corners of the road or by-lane are mysterious without light. Bike riders should use bikesphere technology. The bike will have an innovative laser beam to flash in the dark alleys where drivers of cars/trucks are not able to find any small vehicle/two-wheelers. They will spot the red colour circles which are vibrant and visible to ensure the presence of the bike rider. This new invention helps drivers to change the direction for minimizing risks.


Lumo is a type of helmet lighting infrastructure with white and red-coloured LED lamps to display. Cyclists run their bicycles through the narrowed lanes in low beam. Red beam on the rear portion and the white lamp on the front of the helmet flash in the darkness. The driver of the car coming from the opposite direction easily traces the cyclist. This new remote-controlled Lumo helmet has also a strong signalling system. It must be a new invention for a bike passionate guy.

Robotic Zebrafish

The hidden marine life is unknown to children who have a curiosity to go undersea for discovering rare fish living happily. Their movements are quite interesting. Scientists have created new robotic zebrafish devices which resemble natural fish. It floats, swims, and rushes through the waves of the salty water of the sea. It can mix with the family of the zebrafish. They accept this newcomer without having any doubt. So easily, researchers track the behaviour of zebrafish staying in the deep sea. This new invention is a new avenue for scientists to discover the horizons under the ocean.

Ingenuity Helicopter with the Rover for Mars Expedition

NASA research centre has had sent the advanced fast Perseverance rover to Mars last year. After spending over six months, this hi-tech vehicle landed on the red soil of this planet far away from the earth. This Mars expedition enables US astronauts and researchers to have a lot of useful data about the climate, new aliens, and the existence of breathable air on this superb planet. Well, ingenuity helicopter will leap to hover in the sky. It is the first time in history that a robotic helicopter will be seen swimming in the ocean of blue firmament hanging over the red planet. It is incredible and people will get the natural HD video pictures shot by this helicopter to be familiar with many unusual things happening on this strange Mars. China is also a big competitor which has also sent a rover to Mars. So, it is a great new invention which must make human life easier.

Track 1 Electric Two-Wheelers

Track 1 electric lightweight two-wheelers is a new addition to the list of top 10 new inventions in the world. It is also a type of skateboard with a solid base platform for standing straight. It has a powerful engine with wheels. In forest and bush-covered areas, riders feel free to cross the long-distance riding this Track 1 vehicle. The strong thistles, loose sharp stones, and sand dunes do not obstruct this bike.

Bin-e System

Out of the top 10 new inventions, Bin-e system is much surprising and attractive as well. It is an upgraded garbage recycling bin for separating wastage products from useful ones. Easily, it can detect what is still valuable to you and what is not. The automated bin- e system picks up the garbage from the container in which you pour all your daily dirty objects. It has two containers for proper garbage management. People appreciate this new invention.

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Apart from the above said 10 inventions, There are lots of others as well. But in this limited span, we can’t include all. Hopefully, in any other article, we will enlighten them surely.


What Is the Rule of Selecting Top 10 New Inventions in the World?

One of the important rules of approving the top 10 new inventions is patent authorization. All the invented devices chosen for competition must have patent with the user-friendliness from the commercial standpoint of view.

Who Is the Father of Invention?

Thomas Alva Edison is known as the father of new invention. He invented incandescent lamps, phonographs, and motion picture cameras during his childhood days.

Why Are Top 10 New Inventions Important for Humans?

These top 10 new inventions change a life. People want the easy alternatives for overtaking any hurdle. Inventing these innovative devices, scientists help common persons to solve the problems.