Headsets, a Brief History

23. april / Sudip Mazumdar Science & Tech

The history of headphone manufacturing is vast. When this headset was invented, people had no way to get it. For spying, navigation, and communication, it was a must. However, the advancement reshaped the listening devices at different times. The walkman was the example for people who wanted the mini wearable headsets. Later, more improvements increase the efficiency of the products. Right now, people have superior ultra-sleek headsets which have a Bluetooth interface, easy-to-maintain ear-pads, and flexible bodies.

The history of the listening devices which are wearable is long. The development took place year after year, slowly but steadily. After the invention of the small retractable device for listening, experiments and modifications did not stop. The 19th century is the landmark to indicate the beginning of the era of the improvement of the headsets. It is not a single detached entity but innovation is an integral part of headphone designing.

First Conventional Headset

Nathan Baldwin was the first manufacturer of bringing a new small wearable device. It was a conventional setup of the headphone with the basic components to form the whole infrastructure. However, the headphone accessories in the late 19 to the first half of the 20th centuries were heavy with large wire, oversize ear covers, and a burdensome headband. The sound was low and breaking in voice. The listeners had to concentrate to understand the recorded speech. In 1890, this type of large headphone setting was suitable for marine engineers and defence personnel to do basic communication.

New Modernized Headset


Way back in 1937, Beyerdynamic, a scientist, handed over a new innovative headphone to people. It was much better than the early traditional listening attachment. This is a little modernized with a lightweight body. It is personalized for the audiophile. The features of DT48 headsets designed by Beyerdynamic are a thinner metal insulated headband, a pair of cables running to the earcups as connectors to activate the device. It was a single-ear cup system for listening.

Before the Second World War, headsets were not so popular. A limited number of persons had to use the conventional on-ear wearable headphone for oral communication and receiving the messages to prepare the official notes. In 1939, in the borderline of Austria, stylish, ergonomic, and easy-to-handle K-120 headphone became a must for soldiers. It was a user-friendly toolkit for military personnel.

These old-fashioned headsets were not accessible to commoners because of complicated technology. The sound was not much good as well. However, it dated back to 1958; a well-known Jazz musician named John Koss remodelled the dull sturdy device by adding new tech features. He sculpted the headphone which earned recognition at that time. Koss SP 3 headphone had the stereo sound quality. It was an over-ear headset. An individual listener liked to get this new listening tool for enjoying the music playing. However, this type of headphone was not a sophisticated artefact that could win million of hearts at a glance. It was just a milestone for manufacturers to move for innovating the basic audio system with the headphone covered with the cloth. Speakers have wires for delivering the sound from the source to the target areas. People had to wait for a few days more to have the upgraded masterpiece headsets with the touch of artwork.

Innovation in Headset Designs

The journey was long with a lot of possibilities of steadfast improvement in style, colour, size, and quality of sound. For example, people got more dynamic, miniature and ultra-light headsets. Sony launched the walkman with the portability for easy transportation. The boombox was bigger with multiple speakers. It was a boxy entertainment device for a group of persons. Walkman was, therefore, dearer to a gentleman who wanted privacy to listen to music.

Latest Editions of Modern Headsets

The technology intervened deeply to optimize the infrastructure of the boombox. The walkman underwent the cosmetic makeover with several changes to enhance the infrastructural aesthete. It was a mini-pocket-size foldable walkman with a pack of batteries and a fantastic headphone attachment. Sony fabricated and beautified the smart listening toolkits using ultra-modern technology. The iPod music system is equipped with pinnacle-shaped earbuds with Dolby sound quality. The effectiveness of the headphone is long-lasting to let people have fun. Interchangeable headsets are comfortable for you to adjust the size to wear the wearable device.


China-Leading Manufacturer of Bluetooth Enabled Mini Headsets

China is a powerful country and it is manufacturing cross-device compatible headphones which have superb sound. It produces and supplies affordable portable headsets(wired and wireless) to foreign countries. This big competitor designs durable Bluetooth headsets which are water-proof, colourful, anti-corrosive and beautiful in décor. The headsets do not suppress the bass to make the music clear to please listeners. On the internet, people have the inventory of checking the high-calibre headsets (in-ear/over-ear/on-ear) in fascinating colours. The Bluetooth headsets are versatile in functionalities with the awe-inspiring flawless HD sound to become your perfect companion during your leisure period.

Nowadays, the digital world of music has opened a smooth road for people to have wonderful ultra-sleek headsets with awesome colours. The wireless version reduces maintenance hazards. Put it anywhere comfortably. The smart mini headphone is also noise resistant. The tiny glossy classic headsets become your friend round-the-clock. It is an excellent handy tool for a young sweetheart to filter his mind in rhythmic tune.


What Are Types of Headsets?

There are wired and wireless headsets for people. Though the upgrade is continuing, new portable headphones have the dual-platform (wired and wireless) with Bluetooth connectivity and adjustable headband.

What Is the Best Headphone?

It depends on your budget. There are top brands like Sony to sell costly wireless headsets with HD sound. However, cheap headsets are available online. Bose Noise Cancellation headsets give you complete hassle-free freedom to have the natural bass sound.

Who Gave a Conventional Shape to Headset?

Nathan Baldwin made a resilient big size traditional headset housing in the 19th century. However later, Beyerdynamic added new components to reset this listening device.