How Can Your Smartphone Make Water Safe to Drink

28. april / Sudip Mazumdar Finance

Nearly 80 to 90 per cent of Americans use expensive sleek smartphones with upgraded browsers to keep smooth navigating. Many of them like to download different user-friendly apps from Google Play Store for game playing or movie watching. However, a smartphone is also a great tool for a person to filtrate contaminated water to drink. The fast advanced CECIC/Co-axial electrode cathode ionization cell app is downloadable on android for bacterial deactivation to make water safer for people to drink. It is a portable workstation for anyone to isolate lethal germs from water using this decentralized water disinfection system on the mobile phone.

Understand the Reality – Disinfect Water with Your Smartphone – Possible?

While chatting with your friends, you do not understand how to make an electronic communication tool a perfect water purifier. Scientists have claimed the truth behind the curtain. Downloading the CEICE app on the smartphone, do the point-of-use water purification without installing another device to filtrate a glass of water to consume. Hardware connected with the smartphone produces electrical impulses to run through the water. The specific CECIC/activates hardware attached with the mobile device controls the excess production of copper. The impurities in water are transferrable or removable with the controlled level of effluent CU to enhance the disinfection of water. This mobile-powered water detoxification centre screens water to wipe out invisible bacteria.

Nowadays, people need faster water disinfection systems to have pure cool water for consumption. In village areas, water is not always pure due to the lack of technology, manpower, and water cleansing components like chlorine. This CECIC based hardware with the graphic design interface on the screen of the smartphone is a solution for you to enhance the quick inactivation of the bacteria. Simple configuration and less complicated CECIC on the smartphone helps people make their water contamination-free.

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Purify Water When You Are Traveling Outdoor

Water is a basic thing for humans to survive. When you go to any new place, you should arrange drinkable water to refresh your body. It is the main supply chain of distributing ingredients to various internal organs. It is a must for food digesting and flushing out the bacteria through urine. A smartphone is helpful to you to do the needful for quenching your thirst. With this portable device, you can do better health maintenance. Certainly, it is free for you to have natural hygienic water without requiring any filter, or water dispensing system. The large water filtration system is not workable at your small home where you need the decentralization process to do the proper water screening. For example, while riding a bicycle or driving your car, you need an instant supply of water. The battery-powered smartphone can rescue you. Its CECIC is functional to decontaminate a bottle of water within a minute. In rural areas, it is difficult to get the chlorine for making water free of contamination due to the lack of a proper transportation system.

The ultraviolet bulbs are also useful to separate the harmful bacteria from liquid water. However, this type of device needs extra power which is expensive. Besides, the ozone generating device is also an important tool to destroy bacteria in stored water. It is not cheap but it needs at least 220 voltage for functioning. Instead, this ultra-modern water purification technology which runs on android is a solution for you to accelerate water quality by eliminating wastage materials.

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A much developed co-axial copper ionization system has proved its efficiency in the case of having 6 log E-coli inhibition. The disinfection ratio is much better using this particular mobile-friendly CECIC software. The cost of water purification is low as well. You won’t have to take training to deal with this sophisticated technology. An upgraded smartphone has excellent power storing interface through the lithium battery. It is energy-efficient and easy to maintain. The programmed platform is not harmful to people. It does not produce any toxic element to pollute the environment. The embedded apps on the android phone supply free electrical impulses transforming water.

Your smartphone keeps monitoring the process of the ineffectiveness of bacteria in the drinkable liquid. Get a chart, the duration of water disinfection and the percentage of contaminants removal. Researchers have tested the higher resistance to pathogen level when they examine the potentiality of CECIC enabled smartphone. After the complete software downloading on the smartphone, the new CECIC system activates OTG hardware for deploying electrical current to water for faster inactiveness of bacteria. Scientists have also collected a few samples of water disinfection. They claim that this app is workable anywhere to decelerate the bacterial infection in different types of water. It regulates the release of copper at the water level. Thus, it will be a new horizon for people to have such a dynamic CECIC enabled water purification toolkit. The OTG hardware and the separate apps are integrated to produce the power bank to inhibit water contamination.


How Does Your Smart Phone Work to Reduce Unhygienic Elements in Water?

The combination of the CECIC and OTG module is a compact power-house to supply the electrical impulses to stop the water contamination. The accuracy of disinfecting water is higher than any conventional setting to chlorinate different water bodies.

How to Purify Water without Boiling?

The new technology for water screening to remove bacteria is now available for android customers who can download sophisticated apps from the internet and connect a smart OTG module to the smartphone to control water contamination.

Is Your Smartphone Useful to Purify Water during Covid-19?

Anytime you can activate the OTG module on your android device for having a quick water disinfection backup. During a lockdown, make your smartphone a mini workstation to cleanse stored water within a minute.