Understand the Impact of Covid 19 on Other Diseases

27. april / Sudip Mazumdar Science & Tech

2020 did not start well. The massive destruction made people motionless without hoping for survival. Corona, a known term to the new generation, is creating a deadlock to deactivate the normal activities of people. The pandemic version is a nightmare and its impact on others is undoubtedly caustic. Many patients at home are spending days helplessly because of inadequate infrastructures to get urgent medical care. They have multiple diseases like cardiac disorder, TB, and infection in respiration systems. Covid 19 virus infects lungs severely. However, it also makes other diseases vulnerable and acute minimizing the chance of health restoration.

Covid 19 Affects Mental Health

Covid19 means the massacre with untold miseries. People have to go back to have their shelters at houses or resorts. The public life is defunct without any sign of restoration like previous days. What happens? The answer is uncertain but you can feel the situation. Year-long quarantine forces the shutdown of shops, departmental stores, and restaurants. The emptiness prevails in luxurious hotels. This isolation is painful for a busy person. In America, 40 per cent of citizens want relief from social distancing. They experience mental disorders like stress, loneliness, and trauma. How long will they have to suffer from such catastrophic incarceration? God knows! However, this long lockdown affects people who try to kill themselves because of unbearable fatigue.

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Covid –Appearing as a Threat to Other Patients

The expansion of the Covid 19 in 2021 is again fatal to paralyze the health services and transportation system to a great extent. Hospitals deny the admission of corona patients for treatment under fear of infection. Even super facility healthcare centres are putting strict rules to inhibit the entry of Covid 19 infected victims. So, it is the cause of the creation of an embarrassing situation to weaken people suffering from other diseases. The transportation system seems to be irregular and immobile during different phases of quarantine. Therefore, the communication is not smooth. A patient with a cardiac disorder is not interested to go to the hospital as the network or supply chain is not normal due to the corona. They will not get urgent care from doctors who are always engaged to assist corona patients. Therefore, they have limited options to have the proper treatment for fast recuperation.

Measure Impact of Corona on Three Diseases – Malaria, TB and HIV

Top health organizations and a team of medical experts have done comprehensive surveys to measure the impact of Covid19 on three diseases like HIV, TB, and Malaria. In under developing countries, the condition of patients with HIV/Malaria/ TB is fast going down during the quarantine. They do not have the medications and therapies due to the absence of medical experts in hospitals. The threat from the corona is understandable. It is snowballing into a higher level of severity. The possible increase in death toll for Malaria by 36 per cent approximately with 10 per cent for HIV and 20 per cent for TB patients. Therefore, governments must direct hospitals to continue giving 100 per cent attention and care to help patients recover.

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Covid Increases Infection

The sudden attack of corona makes a deep hollow of frustration eat into the mind of people. They are not safe in this world due to the recurrent episodes of the Covid 19 virus to destruct the lives. Especially, geriatric society is at peril. Aged persons who cross 50 have low immunity power due to ageing. The self-defence system is not stronger than that of the teens. The risk is mounting to endanger everyone. If the body resistance power is low, a middle-aged patient has to struggle to fight with a powerful corona for survival. So, common symptoms of infection may be the indicator of the corona invasion to damage lungs faster. That’s why, people who have an infection in the respiration tract, and lungs are not comfortable. TB is such a disease that can get the worst side effect of Covid19. Diabetic patients have also the same problems as they need regular treatment to become fit with proper blood circulation and respiration. The improper drug administration, usage of infected syringes, and over-used surgical components without sterilization, people will be in danger. Even doctors, nurses, and other medical assistants of the hospital should use sanitisers to prevent the covid19 infection. Bedridden patients who have multiple diseases should take proper precautions to overcome signs of the corona.

Anxiety suppressed monotony, and depression retrieves to weaken people. In this case, the requirement for good motivational mentors and healthcare consultants is a must to boost up weak patients with bundles of existing diseases. Their mental health needs improvement to stay resilient even in the point of return. Covid19 has not disappeared but it reinforces its military system to invade the world. People should be united to retaliate. There should be excellent healthcare service with advanced technology to minimize the cause of death by hook or by crook.


What Are Basic Solutions to Improve Health during Pandemic Period?

The basic safeguards include mask-wearing, usage of sanitisers and maintenance of social distance. However, if you have pre-existing diseases, you need to consult with doctors to have the best therapy and medications to combat them. It will be helpful for them to improve health and resist Covid 19.

What Is the Impact of Corona on Mental Wellness?

The serpentine lockdown does not end even this year. People feel painful existence with the little desires to enjoy lives. They are anxious, stressful and hopeless. It seems that they will die even before the attack of the corona. It is the trauma smashing them every moment.

Who Are High-Risk Persons to Have the Impact of Corona?

The aged community whose immune system is not powerful is likely to have danger. Besides, people who have cancer, TB and respiratory infections should not neglect the treatment procedures during the pandemic period.