Why You Can’t Take Black Friday Too Seriously

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Fourth Thanksgiving day in November is a gift for American consumers who spend 90 per cent of their time at the retailing stores to buy products at discounts. However, Black Friday is not a curse for anyone in the US. It is also a special event for customers to get sizzling promotional offers from local storefronts. They gather at large shopping malls to celebrate Black Friday in November. However, today, many marketing experts and consultants do not think that Black Friday is beneficial for entrepreneurs. A lot of consumers crash into the shops breaking the doors to pull up products from the baskets. Their presence is hazardous to force retailers to put extra sentinels to handle the rowdy crowd at the stores. There are many reasons for cancelling or withdrawing this special day from the list of holidays.

Black Friday –Day for Harassment

In America, people enjoy Thanksgiving Day happening every year in November as the awesome shopping carnival. Then, again Friday is another holiday for them to feel free to have joy by doing a shopping spree. After the departure of Friday, there are two consecutive days for weekends. So, in a week, one has a lot of off-days for buying products at considerably economical rates. Black Friday prevents serious buyers from completing hassle-free transactions due to the congestion at the doorsteps of the departmental stores. It frustrates elite couples and oldies who need peaceful deals in a cool environment. Chaos and screaming coming from irritated consumers in queue disappoint decent customers.

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  • Black Friday – Not a Great Event for Consumers

Shopping mania intensifies with the coming of Black Friday. US-based customers like to arrange money for purchasing sophisticated devices, luxurious clothes, and other fancy items on Black Friday. However, surveys done on people have published new facts which do not support Black Friday. Comparatively, products sold on this day are not heavily discounted. People get a minimum price reduction from the retailers. If they buy any other day, it will not be much different in prices. Besides, retailers play their sharp tricks to dupe consumers. They distribute cheap products which are not top brands in the US. So, quality matters here.

  • Black Friday – Everything Goes Wrong

The myth about Black Friday misleads people by providing wrong information. Nowadays, numerous brand and local product suppliers compete. They lure their consumers by cutting the prices. So, specifically, you cannot mention any day which will save your time and bundles of dollars on a single go. Never does it happen after the appearance of the fast digital marketing system. Hence, buying products on Black Friday is not 100 per cent cost-effective and safe. Consumers face the out-of-stock situation due to the terrific rush towards the biggest stores to catch promotional discounts. You won’t have a chance to handpick the best ultra-sleek smartphone at unexpected discounts.

  • Black Friday –Not for All

It is not suitable to benefit all who have plans to visit the nearby stores on Black Friday. See, shopaholic guys tend to buy whatever hits the inventory. They are jealous to find their near and dear ones purchasing at the stores. Illiterate local citizens are more interested in showing their desires to buy products on Friday. Police personnel recorded numerous FIRs and general diaries against customers misbehaving with retailers. They like to ransack, and torch shops under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It creates massacres and insurgency threatening the high profile educated society. Many innocent buyers go back not having taken their products to the home.

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  • Is Black Friday for Insane Buyers?

Rational beings have a particular protocol to follow ethics and guidelines to do anything seriously. They are not destroyers demolishing the foundation of society. On Black Friday, people who are not intelligent, wise and cultured, stimulate their wild ego for vandalism. Their emotions are uncontrollable. These insane creatures do not forget to humiliate gentlemen and aged persons. They are not buyers but maniac patients with bad intentions to damage others. The consumerism world denies the importance of this shopping day as it is harmful to civilized buyers.

  • Black Day – Not Good for Health

Buyers have to drive their cars to reach different departmental showrooms on this unique promotional day. It makes them hungry, weak, and arrogant because of trouble buying products. They should think of their health. They will get the same products the next day when they will have enough time to check the product specifications and quality. It will be a good deal for these buyers. Therefore, this particular shopping bonanza does not work in favour of most of them.

  • There Are Alternative Ways to Buy at Discounts Online

Black Friday is not the best day for buyers. Online top brands are at your doorsteps by clicking the mouse. It is easy to choose any world-class brand product cutting marketing price. So, it is not the only platform for having the cheapest products.


When Was Black Friday Declared Holiday Officially?

Black Friday, this phrase, is an informal term used for shopping at heavy promotional discounts. Earlier, in 1869, military personnel preferred to call it Black Friday as they had to tackle notorious mob visiting the sports stadium to see the local tournaments. Later, this is known as the shopping fete.

Who Are Benefited?

Especially retailers have the opportunities of selling old used products at low cost. Buyers are not lucky to purchase such cheap products on this special shopping day.

Why Is Black Day Not Important?

It does not give huge financial mileage to consumers. Instead, original regular buyers are unwilling to buy because of street fighting, pepper gas spraying, and hooliganism.