Wikipedia – How Did It Start, and Where Is It Going?

01. april / Sudip Mazumdar Culture

Many internet maniac guys are well-acquainted with this common term “Wikipedia”. It is a free online encyclopedia that provides top research-based content including articles/blogs to people. For easy access to an online database containing tons of articles on various topics, you should visit Wikipedia on Google. It generates quick data to help people have the information quickly. This brand online website is a reliable outlet for anyone to curate qualitative information. The quick editing option and free content posting on Wikipedia have become dear to online visitors. This encyclopedia is the largest online portal for you to get informative articles. After the inception of this reference website dating back to 15th January 2001, it moves with the strong network attracting 1.7 billion visitors last year.

Why Is Wikipedia Becoming a Fast Popular Reference Website Online?

Wikipedia data centre has a huge number of articles. Preliminary survey reports have counted over 50 million long/short-range articles in over 300 languages. English and non-English speakers prefer this website. Certainly, the popularity of this free encyclopedia on Google is not fictitious but realistic. Experts opine that this site is very much comfortable for beginners who can post content/images/and infographics on Wikipedia. They can change and correct errors by clicking the mouse on the “editing” button. Wikipedia accepts the online contributions from experienced content writers, editors, and eminent scholars. The content undergoes improvement if required. So, day by day, this is getting one of the smart dependable solutions for readers on the internet.


A Brief-up about Wikipedia

Before coming into existence as a Wikipedia, people knew this site as Nupedia, the special website for content reviewing and blog posting. Only elite knowledgeable scholars used to contribute high-quality content to update Nupedia. However, later in 2001, Jimmy Wales in unison with Larry Sanger decided to start a new project for content creation on the new platform Wikipedia. It has become a modified multilingual database/encyclopedia to deliver generic information to people. it is a more device-compatible, mobile-friendly, and innovative open-source platform to use. It must be accessible to common persons who are not researchers and Nobel Laureates.

Wikipedia – Best Place for Exploration

Wikipedia breaking its limitations runs fast to become only an informative toolkit for the Generation Z community and baby boomers. Spanish readers do not need online translators to transcribe the content. Contributors add their articles to Wikipedia without having mastery of English. This multilingual online encyclopedia has record-breaking web traffic to surprise online visitors in the world. Editors upgrade the content to make it understandable and valuable to people. A contributor has the legal permission to post his created content on Wikipedia pages. Others will have accountability to review and do the needful to reset that published content. One of the basic advantages of utilizing Wikipedia is to check the reference links and hyperlinks to go to the original sites. While going through the articles on the web pages of this online encyclopedia, cross-check active hyperlinks/reference links to compare.

Why Is Wikipedia Outperforming Other Encyclopedias?

Tim Berners, the computer scientist, and creator of the world web has admitted that Wikipedia is an advanced user-friendly encyclopedia that does content editing in a fraction of a second. Comparing to other basic encyclopedias, content on Wikipedia gets the touch of modifications for better quality. Therefore, readers depend on this masterpiece free platform for research. Contributors write content on any topic for publication on this site. Even if he has not found any favourite topic here at Wikipedia, he can email his request for getting the new topics for the content writing.

No Editorial Bias – Content on Wikipedia Written on Neutral Point of View

Fairness in the content wins the hearts of online think tanks and general persons. If the content is not fake and copied, people like to read the articles. Editors do not have racial segregation and gender bias. Nor are writers prone to religious profiling, and sycophancy to support the specific groups. They analyze data from a neutral point of view. Therefore, readers do not discover any partiality when they evaluate the articles on Wikipedia. Anyone can be a good registered subscriber or Wikipedian to maintain regularity in contributing articles to the Wikipedia encyclopedia. However, they should not encourage ingredients boosting up vandalism, and insurgency. They should have a sense of innovation. They should be smart with a ton of out-of-box ideas to hand-craft the content. Wikipedians must be literate in computer applications with uncountable eagerness to do self-paced studies. They should be honest, fair, and creative.


Wikipedia, in a nutshell, is the best online encyclopedia which is an open-source library to over a trillion people. Here, data are safe. The new generation will not part with this Wikipedia as it is the flexible hands-free online encyclopedia. Though critics give the possibility of the departure of Wikipedia due to lack of financial support to reinforce this site, it has oversize fame with awesome visibility online to lure people around the world. It will not die tomorrow at least. It must thrive in the future.


Is Wikipedia Declining with Massive Financial Crunch?

Though Wikipedia management targets its contributors for financial assistance to rejuvenate this encyclopedia due to the recession, it is still alive. It will not go unseen despite suffering from downtime. It is the best encyclopedia over others.

What Is the Earliest Entry Made on Wikipedia Page?

The writer made the first entry on the Homepage of Wikipedia on 15th January 2021. However, from a reliable source, a contributor confirmed that in 2010 Jimmy Wales published the first piece of content with editing on the home page. The first text is entitled Hello World after activating Use MediaWiki software.

What Is the Longest Article Uploaded on Wikipedia?

The latest article based on Joe Bidden, American President, is the longest to attract Wikipedians. It has 648,769 bytes in total to cover the Wikipedia page.